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Just Roll With It

An absurdly powerful Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we just roll with it.

October 15th, 2021    

The Block | Just Roll With It #50

The Riptide Pirates finally go to jail. Chip gets promoted, Jay is unchained, and Gillion sees a frog.

October 8th, 2021    

The Duke of Everything ft. Jschlatt | Just Roll With It #49

Our first episode recorded in person, featuring Jschlatt! The crew gets trapped on a strange overgrown island and meet a Duke that knows just what to do...

September 24th, 2021    

Shattered Kingdom | Just Roll With It #48

As the Edison Kingdom crumbles around them, The Riptide Pirates face off against their most dangerous foe yet. Chip breaks something important. Jay shoots a guy. Gillion uses grandma’s secret weapon.

September 17th, 2021    

What Binds Us | Just Roll With It #47

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Three friends make an oath.

September 10th, 2021    

Robot Rumble | Just Roll With It #46

The Albatrio makes their great escape from Edison Castle! Chip takes a leap of faith. Jay discovers her royal blood. Gillion loses a part of himself.

September 3rd, 2021    

The Perfect Crime | Just Roll With It #45

The party plans the greatest heist in history in order to kill the king and steal all of his money. Fortunately, things don't go as planned... Chip flies by the seat of his pants. Jay starts talking to rocks. Gillion births a horse.

August 27th, 2021    

Blossoming Trust | Just Roll With It #44

With a new friend in tow, the Albatrio has a “friendly chat” with the mob boss of the second layer of the Edison Kingdom, Boss Blossom. Jay has the worst commute. Gillion avenges his grandmother. Chip does a trust exercise.

August 20th, 2021    

City of Steam | Just Roll With It #43

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The Albatrio docks in the Edison Kingdom, a city powered by steam! They quickly form a plot to dismantle the entire power structure.

August 13th, 2021    

The Serpent | Just Roll With It #42

August 2nd, 2021    

Growing Pains | Just Roll With It #41

The crew escapes from the Navy. Chip mourns the loss of his son. Gillion pulls a prank. Jay is looking for direction. Pretzel faces her greatest challenge.

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